Protect your Talent Brand – Who’s Pitching your Talent Brand

Do you know who is out there selling your talent brand?
Unfortunately, you may not know. I’m a former HR leader turned recruiter, and I’m learning so much about the industry, and it’s really kind of frustrating.
I’m going to kind of go through a series here, and little bit of it is just sharing what I’m learning about the industry along the way, so you can know more about what’s happening. I mean, really I want to help you protect your brand, and I think that you can make some choices as you decide, who you hire to recruit your talent.
Number one, heres what’s happening … And not all the cases, but I’ll share something that I found out this week. One, there are some recruiters that will actually take your job posting and say, “You’re working for …”
You are a hiring leader, a VP of accounting for a business, we’ll say in Chicago, and you have a director of finance position open. They will actually go, “Oh. This looks like a great opening. I have a person from the big four who …” We all know big four people. You guys are really talented. We all want you, and they will go recruit … They will take your job posting. They will go recruit people saying, “I am recruiting for XYZ company,” and they will recruit a person from the big four, as if they already have your job, and they will sell that candidate on your company.
Then they will go to that HR leader, or they will go right to you, Mr. VP, Mrs. VP, and they’ll say, “I got this big four candidate, 15 years experience. They want to talk to you, company.”
That’s great, and I know that you’re like, “Hey, but they got me a big four candidate.”
Here’s the challenge with that.
Here’s the challenge. They don’t know your brand. They don’t know your talent brand.
What are they telling all those candidates out there? Are they really representing your brand? The way that I represent a company, and that’s really what I should share here, is I get to know you as a client. I get to know who your people on your team are, and I get to know where you want to take your company. Where you want to take your department, and what you’re really looking for.
I’m not just sending you resumes, and trying to hook you up for that … To see whether you stick together. I’m really looking for that long term partnership. Ultimately, who’s out there selling your brand.
That’s part one, so there’s more to come. I can’t believe this industry. I think there’s a ton of value that can be added, but I think you need to make sure, and think about who’s selling your brand.
I should finish with. How do I think you can protect your brand? I think you can protect your brand by not accepting resumes like that.
Theresa Nordstrom with Nordstrom Talent.
That’s part one. More to come.

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The Nordstrom Talent approach for Employers:
– Deeply understand what makes your opportunity unique
– Know your culture and be able to tell your story to engage ‘A Player’ talent.
– Leverage dynamic and innovative sourcing methods.

The Nordstrom Talent approach for Candidates:
– A personable approach to understanding your strengths, experience and career ambitions
– Honest, transparent, and timely communication – don’t get lost in the ‘recruiting space’
– Utilize my coaching and industry expertise to guide you through your career search

Areas of Specialty:
1. External Audit to Internal Audit – Have many key clients who do NOT hire career auditors. Seeking talent who want to learn the company and industry then move into a business facing role.
2. Big 4 to Regional CPA Firm – If you love public accounting, but need work-life balance and want a more inclusive team there are many great organizations out there offering just that.
3. Internal Audit Leadership – We know Internal Audit and what great looks like.
4. Finance & Accounting – CFO’s, Controller, Financial Analyst, Accountants
5. Human Resources – Game-changing HR & Talent professionals are people we know well and enjoy helping.