Is your “Nice” Boss Holding Back Your Career Development?

Do you have a great boss in your current position? If your first reaction is “Yes!” because they are friendly and nice to work with, then the true answer may surprise you.

Pleasantries are lovely but to truly succeed in a role, focused and supportive leadership coaching can ‘make or break’ your career growth. A great boss is different from a great leader. A great leader is one who helps you plan for career growth and then supports you as you achieve it. He or she knows that employees who feel a sense of fulfillment are key for the growth of an overall company.

Ask yourself:
– Are you having regular one-on-ones with your leader?
– Do you consistently discuss your development and have an active development plan?
– Do I know my areas of strengths and opportunities?
– Do I receive timely and valuable feedback to help me grow?

Here is a free guide that can help you facilitate development discussions with management:

P.S. Your potential is unlimited but it will only happen when you have a leader and culture engaged in your future.

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The Nordstrom Talent approach for Employers:
– Deeply understand what makes your opportunity unique
– Know your culture and be able to tell your story to engage ‘A Player’ talent.
– Leverage dynamic and innovative sourcing methods.

The Nordstrom Talent approach for Candidates:
– A personable approach to understanding your strengths, experience and career ambitions
– Honest, transparent, and timely communication – don’t get lost in the ‘recruiting space’
– Utilize my coaching and industry expertise to guide you through your career search

Areas of Specialty:
1. External Audit to Internal Audit – Have many key clients who do NOT hire career auditors. Seeking talent who want to learn the company and industry then move into a business facing role.
2. Big 4 to Regional CPA Firm – If you love public accounting, but need work-life balance and want a more inclusive team there are many great organizations out there offering just that.
3. Internal Audit Leadership – We know Internal Audit and what great looks like.
4. Finance & Accounting – CFO’s, Controller, Financial Analyst, Accountants
5. Human Resources – Game-changing HR & Talent professionals are people we know well and enjoy helping.