• "Never be afraid to tell your story it’s interesting. It’s unique. It’s worth sharing. It’s yours."

    Angie Dickinson

  • "A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players."

    Steve Jobs, Apple

  • Recruiting the Top 15% in Accounting, Finance & Human Resources

Maximizing Talent Is
What I Am Best At
Be It an Organization Or an Employee

– Theresa Nordstrom, Chief Talent Officer


Maximizing Talent Is
What I Am Best At
Be It an Organization Or an Employee

– Theresa Nordstrom, Chief Talent Officer

Nordstrom Talent

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We enjoy working with clients who want to be a game changer and set the pace for hiring A-Players. Our job is to maximize your profits, your recruitment process, your talent and your business. We will capture your culture, your talent needs and what differentiates you from your competitors.



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Maximizing Talents, Careers and Business Outcomes

Talent is a key driver to meeting your business objectives. You rely on employees to produce results and serve your clients.

Let us help you find the best talent just when you need it.

Seeking your next role? I am here to help you match your passion, talent and career goals with a top employer.

Don’t guess or assume you know what else exist – find a role and leader who will help you maximize your passions



Deeply understand what makes your opportunity unique

Know your culture and be able to tell your story to engage ‘A Player’ talent.

Leverage dynamic and innovative sourcing methods.


A personable approach to understanding your strengths, experience and career ambitions

Honest, transparent, and timely communication

Utilize my coaching and industry expertise to guide you through your career search


..and, I am grateful to them for what they say about me!

Theresa’s passion for talent shows through in all that she does.  She has great knowledge about what it takes to be an A player and she easily recognizes talent that will fit in a culture to be successful.

I’ve learned so much from Theresa about the importance of a talent culture – it has allowed me to build a team that is focused on “how” we do things as much as “what” we do.

— Carrie Weber | Ameritas®Vice President - Internal Audit

In working with Theresa directly for 4+ years she was focused and accurate in assessing current talent, fully engaged with leaders in understanding future talent needs, and showed innovation and creativity in brainstorming and executing agreed upon strategy to address the gaps.  This also showed in her approach to recruiting top talent through multi-pronged approaches with a keen focus on how to harness the power and value of the current employed team via employee referrals and related programs.”

— Jude KnipperVice President - Mutual of Omaha

No one has worked harder or delivered better results for us than Theresa…Of the ten new hires we’ve had on my US team since I joined my current organization just ten months ago, Theresa has placed five of them with us… She has taken the time to build a deep understanding of what we need (i.e., A Players), worked tirelessly to leverage and expand her network of candidates resulting in a better flow for us, and done a tremendous job managing the recruiting process from attract to hire… She is passionate about our organization and her candidates sense that passion… She is not focused on ‘filling an open requisition’ as much as she is on finding the right talent for us and the right role for her candidates…

— SVP & Chief Audit ExecutiveFortune 500

During a period of rapid growth and change for our company, we used a number of local and national staff aug and recruiting agencies to help us source talent to meet our needs –with mixed results.  It was not till partnering with Theresa that we were finally assemble a team capable of getting us to the next level of growth and maturity.  Theresa’s unique talents permit her to connect with management and understand where we were headed, what challenges we faced and how to locate high energy and capable professionals to join our team.  We now have the best team ever at this business and Theresa is the reason for this.

— John Jenkins - CEO & Founder of Benaissance
Theresa is in tune with her client’s needs by building a deep and long lasting relationship with them and delivering candidates that are top notch.  Her candidates challenge themselves to be at their best everyday and are looking not just for a job, but an opportunity to grow with the organization.
She looks beyond the job requirements and pursues candidates that matches the company’s culture and aligns with their goals and vision.  Her intuition uncovers each candidate’s potential enabling her to easily identify how best to maximize their strengths.  If you have a tough to fill role and are looking to partner with someone who can deliver, contact Theresa.  She will get to know your organization on a personal level and deliver outstanding candidates to fill your positions.
— Stephanie Dieleman, CEO of BlueSpring Consulting
Theresa joined our firm at a pivotal point in our development, we were growing exponentially and were paying sourcing fees that matched that growth.  Theresa brought three specific benefits to the organization that were instrumental in changing that course.  The first was a maturity in HR process, we were very loose in our approach and immediate/reactionary needs drove our actions not the overall planning of our strategic direction for human capital management.  The second was a 90+ percent reduction in overall costs associated with the acquisition of talent. We moved from a totally outsourced model to a coordinated approach which had a dramatic and expeditious effect in reducing cost
 The third and the most important benefit was the change in our cultural environment.  Our retention statistics increased, our EE engagement improved, and our productivity within the organization skyrocketed as the result of the changes Theresa implemented.  If you are in need of high-quality talent, mature HR processes and decreased overall expense associated with managing headcount, Theresa can be your answer.
— Greg Lembree, COO & CFO Benaissance

Are you willing to go from just ‘fine’ to ‘awesome’?

Benefit from my experience and expertise.


Nordstrom Talent is not part of, nor affiliated in any capacity with Nordstrom Department stores. Nordstrom Talent provides second-to-none client talent placement, and top talent candidate recruitment for the top Financial, Accounting, and Human Resource firms around the world.